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Gaia Healing

Gaia is a healing that is similar to Reiki in that the Healer uses their hands to channel energy, however the main difference is that Gaia is a much more powerful healing and the energy is not the Healers own energy.

Gaia is the Earth Healing Ray, a high vibration energy which channels through the Healer's hands and into the Client. Gaia consists of 15 rays which infuse the client with pure light changing old personality patterns and stale or stuck energies that can prevent clients from progressing in life. As well as this, Gaia Healing is an effective way to help heal lots of ailments and illnesses including stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, PMT and much much more.

Gaia is a very powerful but also very gentle Healing and can be effective on all age groups, including children. It helps revitalise, relax and strengthen personal growth.  Gaia is also 100% safe to be used on pregnant woman for all ailments relating to pre and post natal conditions.

The Gaia Healing works to support deep transformation to the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

All information shared with the Healer is strictly confidential.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a holistic technique that uses stones and crystals as healing tools.  Amanda, our Crystal Healer will places crystals on different parts of the body that require healing, on the chakras and also place crystals around the body in an attempt to construct an energy grid.  The healing will then remove blockages in the aura or the body's electromagnetic field.

Amanda also scans the body with a crystal wand to pick up on any negativity and blockages within the Aura that could represent emotional problems which could or are making physical issues.

Crystals not only heal, but they can ensure that positive vibrations are sent from you therefore attracting positive events and interactions with others.

Crystal Healing is gentle and can be effective on all age groups. Crystal Healing is safe to be used on pregnant woman, however Amanda would need to know if you were pregnant to ensure you are comfortable.

All information shared with the Healer is strictly confidential.





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