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House Cleansing

Have you ever thought you are not alone at home when you were the only person in the house? Did this make you feel uncomfortable? Have you ever felt that the energy in your house is dragging you down?

The Blessing Tree are very aware of this and want to help. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling and the Blessing Tree have a House Cleansing service where we will come to your home with the right tools to "cleanse" the energy within each of the rooms and also connect with the spirit that is there and move them into the light.

If this does not shift that feeling we can return a second time free of charge in order to re-cleanse, we can also show you how to do this yourself in order to keep cleansing the room until you feel more comfortable.

This can also help with a house has a lot of negative energy in it or is a "sick building". This can be from lots of negative emotions (arguments, depression, and other negative things) being present in the house over a long period of time. We can cleanse the energy back to positive and make the building more positive, meaning you won't feel as dragged down or tired.

The cost of a house cleanse is 35.   


Created by The Blessing Tree Family, with Love Light and Angel Blessings.

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