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Meet The Blessing Tree Family


Anne has been initiated into the Gaia Healing and this means that she is able to give a very powerful healing to her clients. Anne has also had extra planetary rays in order to ensure that the healing that she provides is powerful as well as very unique and gentle.  Anne has been blessed with her gift of Healing Hands.

Amanda is our Reader and Psychic Life Coach in the Blessing Tree.  She helps guide and comfort people in the paths they are taking in their lives through readings or can deal with certain issues or whole life plan guidance through her psychic life coaching.  Amanda has always known she has had a psychic gift but become part of The Blessing Tree family since coming to the Spiritual and Psychic development Classes held within the shop.  Amanda's Readings are about 40 minutes long.

The Blessing Tree family offer a drop in and discuss policy where anyone can pop into The Blessing Tree   and have a chat with us about anything spiritual or holistic that they wish.



Created by The Blessing Tree Family, with Love Light and Angel Blessings.

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