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Ever felt destined to struggle on in this life with one negative thing occurring after another? Are there areas in your life you know could be better but have lost ideas on what to do with them? If so then Psychic Life Coaching may help you to get started on where you want your life to be.  Psychic Life Coaching Sessions can point you in a new positive direction and empower YOU to find purpose, direction and positivity in your life.

Within a Psychic Life Coach Session (approx 60 mins) you will identify the areas that need changing in you life and what patterns within our life (or past lives) had led us into this routine of negativity. We come to this life with a soul plan, that leads us to be our own character. The issue then comes that for many of us these unique qualities we have are lost, never identified or never given the chance to emerge. Did you know that by the age of 10 most of us have are completely conditioned to believe what others tell us about ourselves or what we read in the media or see in the News! Our lives can be governed at times by difficult, painful and limiting experiences, which then push us to have a negative and distorted picture of ourselves. Ever thought, I don't want to be me anymore? It's not that you don't want to be you, it's that the conditioning you have has embedded your life so much so can't see the positive WITHIN you... so come find it.

The aim of Psychic Life Coaching sessions is to empower and enable you to find your own answers. The Life Coaching sessions take the form of an interactive reading and aura scan, which are then used to find your blocks. Then you can look at what you CAN achieve in your life, and how to remove the blocks that have conditioned you.

A Psychic Life Coaching session is not an instant fix to change your life, as these changes have to come from within you, but with lot of effort and honesty with self and commitment from you, you really can change your life.

You can have more than one session but I ask you not to decide that until a week after your first session. The reason is that you can go home, work on what you feel and if you feel you still need more insight then you will be in a more balanced place to make that decision.

Amanda, the Psychic Life Coach, not only has Life Coaching experience, but is also clairvoyant and therefore puts both of these together in order to guide you to the best place in your life.

Sessions are 35.



(Please note that these sessions are not a meant to be substitute for professional psychological, medical, financial, legal or other advice. All information given will be completely confidential)


Created by The Blessing Tree Family, with Love Light and Angel Blessings.

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