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What The Blessing Tree Do

The Blessing Tree is a Centre of Light providing healings, readings, psychic life coaching, classes and workshops.

Our aim is to help people move forward to enable them to deal with, cope and understand the major changes that will take place within society and ourselves. Don't fear change, embrace it. Change is here to stay and being fearful of the changes within society will only lead to a blocking of your spiritual path.  Our focus at the Blessing Tree is to help you find your right path in any way we can.

We have an open door policy. Come and join in the calming, relaxing and joyful atmosphere of the Blessing Tree.

If you feel that Spiritual = Scary, then we can offer you advice, comfort and knowledge to enable you to move forward from this fear. We can also answer any questions that you have about spirituality and if we don't have the answers we will know where to find them.

If none of the above apply why not pop in for a chat with likeminded people or to have a look around the spiritual gift shop.



Created by The Blessing Tree Family, with Love Light and Angel Blessings.

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